Meetings & Minutes

The Parish Council meets monthly, normally on the first Tuesday of the month.  

Schedule of Parish Council meetings for 2021. The Parish Council resumed face to face meetings in June 2021 at the Village Hall.  Agendas are posted here on the website approximately one week before the meeting.

Below are links to the meetings, with minutes published after they have been signed as a true record at the subsequent meeting.  

5 October 2021 (a link to the agenda papers will appear here approximately one week before the meeting)

7th September 2021  Agenda  Minutes

6 July 2021   Agenda   Minutes

8 June 2021   Agenda   Minutes

4th May 2021

13th April 2021

2nd March 2021

2nd February 2021

5th January 2021

1st December 2020

Delegated decisions taken by the Clerk - 28th October to 20 November 2020

3rd November 2020

Delegated decisions taken by Clerk - 30th September to 27th October 2020

6th October 2020

Delegated decisions taken by the Clerk from 26th August to 29th September 2020

1st September 2020

Delegated Decisions taken by the Clerk 1st July to 25th August 2020

16th July 2020 Extraordinary Meeting

7th July 2020


Traffic meeting - July 2021

On 20 July 2021 the Parish Council hosted a meeting for residents on traffic and speeding issues.  The meeting was attended by Wakefield MDC and West Yorkshire Police.  A summary of the key points of discussion and proposed actions can be found here.  The Parish will be looking to progress these actions working with Wakefield MDC and the Police in the coming weeks and months.