Steering Group

The Walton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group:

Councillor Helen Massey BSc (Hons) MRICS 
Steering Group Chair, Walton Parish Councillor since 2008
Village resident for 24 years. Voting member

David Rolinson - 
Steering Group Vice Chair, village resident since 2002. Voting member

Walton Parish Council Clerk

David Pickover - 
Walton Parish Councillor since 2012, village resident. Voting member

Michael Wylie - 
village resident since 1989. Voting member

Richard Fairclough -
village resident since 1979. Voting member

Liz Fairclough -
Walton Parish Council Chair 2013, village resident since 1979. Voting member

Richard Tomlinson - 
village resident since 1998. Voting member

Philip Lee BSc FRICS - 
Walton Parish Councillor, village resident since 1990. Voting member

Sheila Leith BSc MBA - 
village resident since 1993   Wakefield Express Local Correspondent. Voting Member

John Leith - 
village resident since 1993.

Colin Moran - 
village resident  Chair of FOWL (Friends of Walton Library) Voting Member

John Smith BSc PGCE DPSE -
village resident for over 20 years Voting Member

Phil Roebuck FRICS - 
village resident. Voting Member

Jonathan Bemrose MRICS - 
village resident since 2007. Walton Colliery Nature Park Heritage Trail Representative. Voting Member

Norman Parkinson - 
village resident. Walton Colliery Nature Park Heritage Trail Representative. Voting Member

Libby Hall - 
village resident for over 34 years. Voting Member

John Carlon - 
Walton Parish Councillor since 2014, village resident for over 35 years, 

Tim Howe FRICS MAPM - 
village resident since 2000 Voting Member

Keith Shaw - 
village resident, Walton Parish Council - Vice Chair. Voting Member

There are a large number of others who have not attended Steering Group meetings but have volunteered when we needed help and Walton Parish Council are extremely grateful for their time.


WMDC Support:
Maureen Cummings, Albert Manifield, Faith Heptinstall (Ward Councillors)
Neville Ford, Carole Crookes, Martin Clay (WMDC)