Parish Clerk:

Neil Shaw
Walton Village Hall
School Lane
Tel: 07414 257902 

Please note that the Clerk works part time and will aim to respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible.


List of Parish Councillors

Councillor John Carlon (Chair)

Councillor Chris Pearson (Vice Chair) 

Councillor Christopher Pearson (Vice Chair)

Councillor Sheila Leith

Councillor Tim Saunders

Councillor Susan Birkby

Councillor Wendy Parker

Councillor Kate Nixon

Councillor Steve Baker

Councillor Tanya Earnshaw

We currently have a vacancy for a Parish Councillor.  The council would like to invite any interested Walton resident in joining the Parish Council to apply.  An application can be downloaded here.  We have also provided wider information on the role of a parish council for information here.  Completed applications should be returned to The Clerk no later than 1 August.  Please note, anyone interested in being co-opted must attend at least one parish council meeting before applying.

Working Parties and Outside Bodies

The following working parties and membership were agreed for 2022/23:

  • Planning – Cllr Nixon (lead), Cllr Carlon, Cllr Baker and Cllr Earnshaw
  • Village hall & Coronation Cottage – Cllr Birkby (lead), Cllr Carlon and Cllr Leith
  • Park – Cllr Pearson (lead), Cllr Birkby and Cllr Nixon
  • Parish environment – Cllr Saunders (lead), Cllr Carlon, Cllr Earnshaw and Cllr Parker
  • Floral displays – Cllr Leith (lead), Cllr Parker and Cllr Earnshaw
  • Communications – Cllr Parker (lead) Cllr Nixon and Cllr Saunders (supported by the Clerk)
  • Tennis club refurbishment – Cllr Saunders (lead), Cllr Leith, Cllr Carlon, Cllr Birkby, Cllr Baker and Cllr Nixon
  • Finance – Cllr Baker (lead) and Cllr Saunders (supported by the Clerk)

The terms of reference for the working parties can be found here. 

The membership of the following committees have been agreed for 2022/23:

  • Staffing committee: Cllr Parker (chair), Cllr Pearson and Cllr Leith
  • Appeals committee: Cllr Earnshaw (chair, Cllr Saunders and Cllr Birkby

 The council appointed the following councillors to the following outside bodies:

  • YLCA: Cllr Saunders and Cllr Baker (and one vacancy)
  • Walton Community Centre: Cllr Carlon
  • SAFE Scheme: Cllr Pearson
  • Walton Library: Cllr Birkby
  • Sandal Charities (Sandal Magna Relief in Need Charity & Harrison’s Almshouse Charity): Cllr Carlon
  • Town & Parish Council Liaison: Clerk

Registration of Councillor's Interests

The Localism Act 2011 s29 requires a Parish Council with a website to publish the register of interests of its members:  Registers of Interest (as held by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council)