Walton Neighbourhood Plan

Walton is proud to be the first community in Wakefield to complete a Neighbourhood Plan, in 2016.  Facilitated and sponsored by the Parish Council, people from across the community worked together to develop this plan which sets the agenda for planning activity within the parish.  For more detail please browse the pages listed in the sidebar.


Planning Applications

Although planning applications are decided by Wakefield Metropolitan District Council (WMDC), the Parish Council is a statutory consultee in the application process.  We review planning applications at our monthly meetings and provide comments, where appropriate, to the WMDC planning officers for them to consider.  The Parish Council does not have decision making power over planning applications.

You can search for and access planning applications (including any responses provided by the Parish Council) via WMDC's online planning portal.  You can even subscribe to get an email alert for every planning application relevant to the parish.