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Walton Parish Council has discussed for some time the problem of dog fouling on the School Lane Recreation Ground. It recognises the need to balance the needs of both dog owners and others to enjoy its recreation spaces.  

Following complaints about dog fouling particularly in the School Lane Recreation Ground where there is a children's playground and where football is played on the playing field, the Parish Council proposed banning dogs from the area in an effort to prevent the problem.

A number of letters and a petition objecting to the ban were received and at its meeting on Tuesday, 4th February 2014 the Parish Council, after much deliberation, took into account the views of those objecting and decided AGAINST imposing the ban.

It also decided to work with responsible dog owners, village residents and WMDC to find other ways of stopping this dangerous, hazardous and unpleasant problem.

To help with the situation, the Parish Council has installed 2 dog waste bag dispensers at either entrance to the Recreation Ground and 2 additional waste bins have been installed on or near footpaths in the village.